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Sree's Top Three Tax Sites
Saturday, March 1, 2003

This segment brings you quick, easy-to-use information each Saturday morning at 7:45 on TV and on Friday night right here on

This week: Tax websites.

Start by visiting these three sites:

  • This is the site of the TaxCut software, which you can download to use. Plenty of resources to help you with your taxes; backed by H&R Block.

  • TurboTax: From the people who make the Quicken accounting software, this is the site of the TurboTax preparation package. Has Spanish-language advice. In order to prevent piracy, requires special activation, which is unusual. Be sure to uninstall after you file.

  • The official government site has improved tremendously in recent years. Check out the e-file section, and also see if you qualify for the Free File, which allows you to file your taxes free (if your income is below a certain level).

BONUS SITE: Money magazine tax guide - tips, top 10 tax blunders and second-by-second countdown to April 15.

Write to and let me know your thoughts.



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