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Sree's Thoughts on a New Emergency Info Site
Thursday, Jan. 17, 2002

There are dozens of new Web sites being launched every day, but few are as timely and as useful as one I have been trying out for several weeks now.

It's called and is a free site meant to help families keep track of emergency and other vital information. The events of Sept. 11, which left hundreds of families with deceased relatives, showed us the importance of having good family records when emergencies occur. For too many folks, the fact that they couldn't locate vital information about medical and insurance records added to the pain. That's where 4MyEmergency comes in.

Here's how it works. Anyone who wants to have their vital information in one place can go to the site and enter information they have handy. Details such as first relatives to call, home insurance policies, special notes about children, etc. Once the information is filled out, it generates a printout of the data that you can then store (I would make multiple copies). The key here is that the site does NOT store any of your information. It is just a form generator. Your computer and your paper files keep the information. And that -- along with the fact that it is available free -- is what makes it safe and worth using.

The site is a nonprofit project led by Asha Blake, the nationally-known TV anchor who used to host NBC's Later Today and ABC's World News Now. Blake, who has a young child of her own, told 7Online she wanted to "do something to help families" after Sept. 11. And she has done just that. This contribution of her's is another example of how useful the Web can be.

For many people, filling in the form can be a little spooky (after all, who wants to think about no being around any more or having others raise their kids?) But any unease should be countered by the knowledge that having this information in a safe place will give you plenty peace of mind.

Try it out:

Write in to and let me know your thoughts.

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