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Uploading Web Content on Dreamweaver on Columbia J-school Servers
- for Fall 2005 only.


Rename your web content folder with your Cunix ID. eg, ss221.


1. Launch Dreamweaver if it is not open.

2. At the top menu, go to the Site pull-down menu.

3. Select Manage Sites.

4. In the Manage Sites menu, select New and then click Site. A new screen will pop up.

5. “What would you like to name your site?” - Put your Cunix ID (just the first part, not

6. “Do you want to work with server technology…?” - Select No and hit Next.

7. “How do you want to work with your files during development?” - Select Edit local copies on machine, then upload to server when ready.

8. “Where on your computer do you want to store your files?” - Click on the folder icon and find where your files are stored [ie, your web content folder with the Cunix ID name] or pick a new location to store them if you want to. Click Next.

9. “How do you want to connect to your remote server?” - Select FTP in the drop-down menu.

10. “What is the host name or FTP address of your Web server?” - Type

11. “What folder on your server do you want to store your files in?” - Type “skills-stage”
(no quotes).

12. “What is your FTP login?” - Type in nm-student

13. Leave password blank.

14. Click Next.

15. “Do you want to enable checking in and checking out files, to ensure that you and your co-workers cannot edit the same file at the same time?” - This is only useful if you have more than one person working on the same site. Select No, do not enable check in and check out. Click Next.

16. Review your site information, then click Done.

17. Also click Done in the Manage Sites menu.

18. Click . Enter the password the prof. gives you.

19. Two options here:
a. Select the file(s) on the right and hit the blue UP arrow key.
b. Select the folder on the right and drag it over to the the left.

20. “Include dependent files?” - Select Yes.

20. Check your site in a Web browser: (your Cunix ID followed by your file name. if you have an index.html file, then just will work)


1. Go to site in Dreamweaver

2. Pick open site

3. On next screen, click Connect

4. Enter the password the prof. gave you.

5. Drag your updated file into the relevant folder

6. Include dependent files? YES

7. Overwrite previous files? YES (if this box shows up)

8. Open web browser to your webpage: _____ (your Cunix i.d.)

9. Hit Refresh in top menu to see changes > teaching > Uploading Using Dreamweaver