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Last updated: Feb. 25, 2003

Photoshop Toolbar in Depth

Smita Paul's Tips

Jay Arraich's Photoshop Tips

Official Adobe guide:

Lauri McCanna's Photoshop Tips:'s Tips

Photoshop 7 Toolbar

The Marquee Tool
The Move Tool
The Crop Tool
The Brush Tools
The Stamp Tools
The Eraser Tools
The Fill Tools (gradient & paint bucket)
The Adjustment Tools (dodge & blur)
The Type Tools (horizontal & vertical)
The Color Picker Tools
The Zoom Tool
The Color Picker Tools

Instruction for each tool here:


Overview of Photoshop 6 from Jay Arraich's excellent site:

1: menu bar; 2: options bar; 3: toolbox / tool bar; 4: status bar