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Tools of the Modern Journalist
New Media Tools
Fall 2000

Prof. Sreenath Sreenivasan
Sree" * 212-854-5979 *

Session One
Discussion: Current state of new media
Potential & pitfalls
Charms & challenges

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Introduction to Photoshop
- Palettes
- Toolbar

- Zooming in/out
- Layers
- Brushes
- Selecting

Hands-on Session
- Adjusting color balance & brightness/contrast
- - Navigation
- Filters
- Cloning

The ethics of photo editing

Introduction to Dreamweaver
Explore tools and windows
- Tables
- Images (insert, not import)
- Text as HTML (import, not insert)
- Mark Valenta exercise

Homework: "About" assignment

Session Two
"About" assignment

Write/copy edit essay
(250-300 words, 4-6 bullet points)

Create outline

Create headlines in Photoshop

Create drop/raised caps

Upload site



Useful Tips
(co-written with adjunct prof. Smita Paul)

Sample Sites

J-schoolers (designed as part of the class):
Sig Gissler
Amy Rubin
Arun Kristian Das

See more complicated personal sites::
NYC24 Staff

Sites to learn more about Web design

sree's lowercase world | teaching | new media tools