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Knight-Bagehot New Media Skills

Monday, Aug. 16, 2005
10 a.m-4 p.m.
Room 801

Prof. Sreenath Sreenivasan
Room 705 * 212-854-5979 * *

During this session, Knight-Bagehot Fellows will be trained in advanced Web research skills as well as the basics of building a Web site and a blog.


  • "About" assignment
    Each student will create a personal Web site by the end of the class.
    To get there, please do the following:
    Write a short essay, in third-person, about yourself
    (250-300 words, with 4-6 bullet points up top)
    Preferable: MS Word; otherwise, in e-mail
    See example: "about" section of James Dean's site
  • Bring your Word resume (optional) or e-mail it to yourself via e-mail.
  • Bring links to any articles by - or about - you that you might want to post online (optional)
  • Journalists' sites
    Please visit the collection of personal pages of journalists at and browse through the sites and see what you like and what you don't.

Session One
10 am-11:45 am

Smarter Surfing: Better Use of Your Web Time
The goal of this workshop is to improve your searches, your research, your reporting and, to some extent, your online experience. See links at

Among the problems tackled:

  • Too many / too few search results
  • Unreliable information
  • Lack of useful statistics
  • Best business resources
  • Too much techno jargon
  • Don't know what new sites are out there
  • Things you didn't know Google does
  • Your questions here

Session Two
12-1 pm (box lunches served at 1 pm)

Figuring Out Blogs

There is much confusion about blogs, bloggers and blogging. Is this the end of journalism as we know it? Or is it just another small step in the evolution of media? Answers to these questions and more. See

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THE INSTRUCTOR: Sreenath "Sree" Sreenivasan, a professor and Dean of Students at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, has been involved with the school's multimedia program since the fall of 1994. He teaches the advanced Web reporting and writing workshop, which specializes in helping print and TV journalists become Web reporters and producers. He is a freelance journalist whose work explaining technology to lay readers has appeared in The New York Times, Business Week, Rolling Stone, Columbia Journalism Review, and other "old media." His "Tech Guru" segments appear on WABC-7 in New York every Thursday at 6:20 a.m. and his "Sree's Top Three" segments appear on WABC-7 every Saturday at 7:45 a.m. More on him at &


Session Three
1-4 pm

Building a Personal Website
You will each build a personal website. You can choose at the end of the day whether you want to publish it or keep it off the Internet.

Introduction to Dreamweaver
Explore tools and windows
- Tables
- Images (insert, not import)
- Text as HTML (import, not insert)

Take photo with digital camera (optional)

"About" assignment
Copy edit
Add resume
Upload site

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