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Everyone was expected to do a mini self-portrait

Who is Sreenath Sreenivasan?
As of April 1, 1999

    Where I live: Manhattan

    Current job/profession: Columbia journalism prof & freelance writer

    Where I study/studied: MS, Columbia; BA, St. Stephen's College, Delhi

    Interests/hobbies: cyberstuff, newsjunkie, comic strips

    On the SAJA List since: October 1997

    Favorite SAJA List moment/topic (if any): The case of the beef burrito

    Site I visit every day: Jesse's Word of the Day

    Favorite movie: The Jungle Book (yes, the cartoon)

    Favorite songs: "Brown-eyed girl" by van Morrison, "Hey Jude" by the Beatles, "Chaudavi Ka Chaand" by Mohammad Rafi

    Last book read: "Another City, Not My Own: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir" by Dominick Dunne (his take on the O.J. Simpson saga; pulls no punches)

    Favorite ice cream flavor: rum raisin

    E-mail address:

    Personal home page:

    Anything else that is (sort of) relevant: I might be the only person in willing to admit I liked "Patch Adams," the movie. A lot.


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