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Top Ten Reasons There Won't Be an Indian President of the U.S. Any Time Soon

By (with apologies to other Top 10 lists, especially a similar one about East Asians)

June 1997

10. White House not big enough for joint family.

9. Winning spelling bees not enough to defeat Dan Quayle in primaries.

8. Can't find decent chicken makhni inside the Beltway.

7. Four-year term too long for those used to Indian politics.

6. Heads of state reluctant to eat with bare hands at state dinners.

5. No chance for promotion.

4. Tandoors declared a fire hazard for White House kitchen.

3. Dandiya ras fundraising balls not a big success.

2. The silly State of the Union Address and Middle East peace talks get in the way of arranging daughter's marriage.

And the #1 reasons there won't be an Indian president of the U.S. any time soon...

1. No word in Hindi for "intern."

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