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NOTE: From 2000 to 2007, I was the technology reporter for WABC and from 2007-2009, I was the technology reporter for WNBC. In the world of local TV, the second you leave for another station, you are wiped clean from the record books, politburo style. So no videos from more than 700+ appearances exist on the public servers of those stations.

One of favorite stories:
Blind Web Users
: What it's like to be a blind user of the Web (The New York Times, 1996) - see 2012 update, review of iPhone apps for the blind (CNET News, 2012)

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NYT Arts section reviews of TV programs:
* April 27, 2007: Gangs of Iraq
* Oct 18, 2002: Hussein's Contradictions: Reformer and Feared Killer
Sept 11, 2002: Seeking Urban Resurrection From a Hole in the Skyline
* Sept 9, 2002: How the Twin Towers Fell and 102 Minutes Unfolded
Sept 2, 2002: A Case for Murder


Making Peace with Oscar
Commentary on Desis

(two versions)
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(July 2000)
E-stamps (June 2000)

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Coming soon:
Story on first South Asian woman Marine

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