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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 02:07:41 -0500 (EST)

Dear family and friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to share news some of you already know.

My mother's mother, Mrs. Vanaja Nair of Trivandrum (wife of the late Mr. Ramankutty Nair, general manager, Marikar Motors; and mother of Lekha, Mohan and Geetha), has passed away.

She died of a heart attack at about 3 a.m. IST on Tuesday, March 30, 1999. She was 71.

She died on a train she was taking from Madras to Trichy, en route to Kodaikanal for a holiday with a group of friends. She had had a mild heart attack in 1991 and a long-term problem with diabetes but was otherwise active. In fact, she had just spent a few weeks in Madras visiting her son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and her first great-grandchild (Vishnu, age 2, Gopika's son).

Vanaja "Ammumma" was one of the most outgoing, friendly people I had ever met. She was a housewife who was involved with her community and managed the affairs of the several homes that she planned and constructed with my grandfather.

She was married by the age of 16 and despite not be able to continue her education, she developed quite a business sense and was active in several organizations, and was often the first woman in those groups to rise to the top.

Ever the traveler, she came all the way to Tokyo to be with my mother for my birth and visited my parents in several of their postings. She was a vegetarian who would cook non-veg meals for her children and grandkids because she knew that is what we wanted (I remember her entertaining us with stories about her days in the very non-vegetarian Japan of 1970).

Over the course of my childhood, I spent several months living with my grandmother and my grandfather in Trivandrum. They made sure I never felt like I was away from my parents (and on at least one occasion, people thought she was my mother--that's how young she looked!).

She was quite forward-thinking and supporting me in my foolish quest to become a journalist. She even had e-mail access in Trivandrum three years ago!

By our Kerala calendar, today was my grandfather's 12th death anniversary. My grandmother is survived by her daughter Geetha and son-in-law, Unny; daughter Lekha and son-in-law, Sreeni; son Mohan and daughter-in-law Latha. Grandchildren Gopika, Radhika, Sreenath, Sreekanth, Vikram and Prarthana. Grandson-in-laws, Ravi and Hari. Great-grandson, Vishnu.

My parents, brother and I thank those of you who have already written or called. Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot to us. To the rest of you, thanks in anticipation for keeping us in your prayers.

Please take this opportunity to be in even closer touch with your own loved ones. It is what my grandmother would have wanted.

Yours Truly, Sreenath

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