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[ Directions to my office are listed under "Coordinates" on ]  |Dec. 17, 2001

Scheduling a Meeting

The best way to sked a phone or in-person meeting is to use my online calendar on the right, which allows you to scan my schedule for ideal meeting times (click on the individual items to see the ending times).

If the calendar doesn't show up, click here.

  • How to use it: I have office hours specially set up for meetings; you can also see if I have other free windows of time when I am not teaching or in meetings. 
  • Once you find a mutually convenient time, e-mail me at sree [at], with the following:
    "APPT:" (no quotes) and your name, date and time desired in the subject line, and more info in the body of the message, including who you are and the purpose of the meeting (if it's not obvious). 
  • Even if you ask for an appointment, do not consider it a finalized appointment until I confirm with you -- via e-mail or you see it added to the calendar.
  • [ Directions to my office are listed under "Coordinates" on ]
  • To avoid this hi-tech stuff, you can always just stop by my office during the times marked "office hours" -- I am LIKELY to be in.
  • Also see my speaking schedule.

Cheers, Sree > > 212-854-5979
Prof. Sree Sreenivasan, Dean of Students, Room 207D, Stabile Student Center, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism